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York, The Manor House
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In an email to Alice Stevenson in 2012, Natalie McCaul, Assistant Curator of Archaeology advised that:
" We do have a very small collection of items which it appears were given by the EEF. As far as I can tell, these were collected in 1886 and originally numbered 16. There is no record of what happened to the objects no longer here but the surviving collection includes:
x2 carved grantite heads (YORYM : 2010.714 & YORYM : 2010.97 - both from Naukratis)
x2 pottery fragments (YORYM : 2010.747.1&2 - both from Naukratis)
x2 strings of beads (YORYM : 2010.732 - Nebesheh)
x1 small piece of chain armour (YORYM : 2010.733 - Deffeneh)
x1 ceramic model of a loaf of bread (YORYM : 2010.713 - provenance unknown)
A larger number of objects excavated at Tanis sometime before 1888 were also given to the Yorkshire Museum. These are no longer in the collection and we don't know what happened to them all. It appears that some were given to Batley Museum sometime before the 1970's."

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