York, Bootham School

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With thanks to Elaine Philips, Development Director at the school for the following information:

 "Flinders Petrie visited Bootham when the British Association met here in 1906, as noted in the School magazine from the autumn of 1906 (Sylvanus Thompson was both Old Boy and former member of staff here which may be why Bootham was used as a centre).

Extract from School magazine, 1906

THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION IN YORK. During the first week of the summer holidays, the school, like the rest of York, was given up to the entertainment of the . British Association for the Advancement of Science. About a dozen visitors stayed at Bootham, including Professor and Mrs. Flinders Petrie, the celebrated Egyptologists, Professor Herdman, Secretary of the Association, and Professor Sylvanus P. Thompson. For their use, the Senior Classroom became a drawing-room, and was comfortably furnished with carpets and easy-chairs.

The acquisition of the collection was noted in the School magazine in 1915, and comparing this entry with the current list, I think the current collection is fairly complete.

Extract from School magazine, March 1915

MUSEUM. The following additions have been made to the Museum during the year :— Collection of Egyptian antiquities, presented by Professor Flinders Petrie. This collection is at present in the case in the passage opposite the John Bright Library. It includes, among other things, seals, beads, necklaces, scarabs, earrings, shells bored for threading, etc. These were obtained from a tomb at Ha rag eh, probably the burial place of Sab Hathor Ant, most likely a queen of Amenemhat III."

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