Wurzburg, Kunstgeschichtliches Museum der Universität

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Wurzberg, Martin von Wagner Museun
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The Martin von Wagner Museum houses the University of Wurzberg’s art collection, which was established in 1832 by Martin von Wagner (a German painter, sculptor and art collector). The museum’s Egyptian collection expanded in 1982 with the donation of more than 1,500 objects by Alexander Kiseleff, a private collector from Berlin. A digital database of the collections has been under construction since 2008, but is not yet publicly available.

Notes on distribution: 
According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists, Wunzburg:- Kunstgeschichtliches Museum der Universitat was allocated the following:
Petrie (Abydos I),  1901-02  (sent 1902)
Comparative series of dishes, 18th Dynasty
1 dish, prehistoric
16 dishes,   1st Dynasty
11 dishes, 11th Dynasty
1 dish, 18th Dynasty
Small pot, 1st Dynasty
3 large pots
Alabaster vase from town
Woodwork, 12th Dynasty
Mace head
Blue ushabtis, 30th Dynasty
Ushabtis, Zedher
2 finger amulet
Foundation deposit, Nectanebo
Ptolemaic ushabtis
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