Williamstown, MA, Williams College Museum of Art

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Williamstown, MA, Williams College Museum of Art
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The collection owes its gestation to the efforts of Professor Richard Austin Rice, the first professor of the History of Art and Civilization at Williams College 1881-1911. He amassed a variety of study materials to support the teaching of art at the College including photographs, lantern slides and original works of art, the latter becoming the nucleus of the collection in the Williams College Museum of Art. Through his connection with the Egypt Exploration Fund some 29 objects were secured for the college, including 11 Predynastic black-topped pottery vessels from el-Amrah (listed on the college's website as Abydos, but the description of the object marks as b crossed with a t on the vessels confirms that this is el-Amrah material e.g. b205, b75, b73, b1093, b161) and 18 decorated wall fragments from Deir el-Bahri. 

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According to the Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists Williamstown was allocated the following:
Naville   1905-06  sent 1906
Deir el Bahari
Pattern on dress of God
King’s head ornament
Petrie, 1903-04 (sent 1906)
Ibis burial pots
Stands to keep a floor out of the water
Prehistoric black top pots
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