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Truro, Royal Cornwall Museum
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The Royal Museum in Cornwall first aquired Egyptian finds in early 1904 after responding to John Garstang's advert in the Times​ newspaper which offered finds from Beni Hasan. On receipt of these the RCM seems to have sought to build up their Egyptian collection through the Egypt Exploration Fund [with thanks to Bryony Smerdon for the information].
According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists the following were allocated to Truro Museum:
Petrie, 1903-04 (sent 1904)
Flint weapon
Scarab, broken
Hook, bronze, Roman
2 pieces of combs
Plaster sealing
Weight, bronze
Handle, bronze
Figure of Bes
Beads, green glaze
Palette, slate
15 lamps
15 figures & heads, terracotta
12 vases
12 vases, Sedment, 18th Dynasty
Grenfell, 1903-04 (sent 1904)
Reed pens, Roman
Leather tassel
3 draughtsmen
3 pieces of ivory carving
7 dice
2 combs, wood
Bead, glass
7 hairpins
Peg, wood
Comb, bone

An email from Margaret Morgan, Documentation Officer in 2012 confirmed that:

"The Royal Institution of Cornwall (the governing body of the Royal Cornwall Museum) received 93 objects from the Egypt Exploration Society, all in 1904. They have the accession number 1904.29.1- 81.There were 93 objects in all: 56 from Ihnasya, 23 from Oxyrhynchus, 13 from Sidment, and one unprovenanced."

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