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Opava, Silesian Museum
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Objects came to Opava (then known as Troppau) in 1913 through Marie Stonawská-Scholzová (better known by her publishing pseudonym Maria Stona), who visited Egypt in February 1913 and purchased a small set of finds from Petrie following a visit to his excavation at Tarkhan. This included: an anthropoid mummy case, two pottery vessels, a bronze can with handle, two Egyptian alabaster vessels, a palette and three pebbles to grind cosmetics, three bead necklaces and a scarab.

What was originally identified as a Ptolemaic mummy case (1913.295 - probably a 22nd Dynasty case) is now in the National Museum, Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures (P631) in Prague, while a 1st dynasty stone vase from Tarkhan is presently in Silesian Museum in the archaeological department. All other objects of 13 or so registered from the BSAE in 1913 seem to now be lost.

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