Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum

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Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum
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The museum was formally established in 1912 and was intertwined with the University of Toronto until 1947 where it was disolved as a seperate entity and aborbed into the university. In 1968 the museum became part of the government of Ontario.

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Needler, Winifred 1969. Acquisition by contribution: latest finds from the Egypt Exploration Society. Rotunda 2 (4), 22-32. In 1968 the Rev Professor John Bowman purchase of Egyptian objects from the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto on behalf of the University of Melbourne. This purchase included four fragments of blue glaze bowls from Deir el-Bahari that were originally from Charles Trick Currelly's collection. Currelly participated on Edouard Naville's excavations at Deir el-Bahari in 1905-6 and 1906-7.

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