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Institut d'égyptologie, University of Strasbourg
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Wilhelm Spiegelberg was based at the University between 1899 and 1919 and was in regular correspondence with Flinders Petrie during this period. They met on Spiegelberg's first trop to Egypt in 1895/96 and Petrie offered him a series of objects from his excavations at this time.

Online records confirm the presence of objects presented by Petrie from the Ramesseum including "des plaquettes en faïence bleue, des cartouches en feuilles d’or, une série de pots et de bols, des binettes en bois, des moules à briques et des petites objets en faïence : main, tête de bovin, bœufs sacrifiés aux pattes liées, cuisses de bœuf, graines, cartouches." [ March 10 2017]

According to the Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists the following were allocated to "Strassburg":
Petrie (Royal Tombs I),  1899-1900 (sent 1900)
2 pieces glaze Den
Piece of bracelet
2 pieces ivory
9 pieces ivory inlay        tomb of Azab
7 pieces ivory inlay       tomb of Qa
4 flints
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