Stanford, CA, Stanford University

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Stanford, CA, Stanford University
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Distribution documents regularly list Stanford University in San Francisco. This was likely due to Timothy Hopkins' (one of the founders of Palo Alto and  trustee of Stanford University) subscription to the Egypt Exploration Fund. He became a member in 1900. According to C.M. Osborne (ed.) (1986) Museum Builders in the West.The Standfords as Collectors and Patrons of Art the first objects to arrive with sponsorhip of the Fund were bracelets, amulets, strings of beads, and pieces of stone vases excavated at Abydos in 1899-1900, dating from prehistoric times to the Twelth Dynasty. From the 1903-04 season came Eleventh Dynasty wooden boatmen and Eighteenth Dynasty pottery fragments from Deir el-Bahari, as well as fifty terracottas of the Roman period from Ehnasya. Several smaller objects came from Oxyrhynchus. In 1907, twenty objects were received from Deir el-Bahari including limestone fragments from the tempr of King Mentuhotep as well as more material from Oxyrhynchus. New Kingdom objects came from el Mahasna and Abydos.

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