St. Helens, World of Glass Museum

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St. Helens, World of Glass Museum
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According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists "St Helens, Lancashire" was allocated the following:
Petrie (Abydos Royal Tombs I), 1899-1900 (sent 1900)
Selection of pottery, prehistori
Set of (flint) palettes
Jar, 12th Dynasty
Glass beads    D42
Model hoe, beads & shells D14
Alabaster vase, cut down D 37
Limestone canopic head D 38
Headrest, 2 ushabtis D 11
29 ushabtis
2 Ba-birds, wood
2 net-sinkers
Late glazed beads
Roman lamp
Petrie (Abydos I), 1901-02  (sent 1902)
Bone needle, Dynasty 0
Selection of flints, Dynasties 0-2
Limestone vase grinder, 1st Dynasty
Fragments of bracelets
Pounder, Dynasty 0
Pan. G 64, 11th Dynasty
Ivory wand, 12th Dynasty
Part of coloured stela
5 pots from found:dep. Thutmoses III
Fragment of war helmet, 18th Dynasty
Fragment of decorated work, 19th Dynasty
Scarab ring (broken)
Beads & amulets, 30th Dynasty
Ushabtis, Zedher
3 wooden hawks
Ushabtis, Hapimen
Ushabtis, Ptolemaic
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