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Spencer and Spencer (2020) note that the school’s museum which had been founded in 1868, following a series of lectures given at the school on botany and geology by Professor James Buckman and the Reverend Henry Wood. James Buckman was the father of Percy Buckman, a pupil at the school from 1880 to 1883, who accompanied, as an artist, several early EES expeditions in the 1890s.

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 Sherborne School in Dorset was the recipient of objects from excavations carried out by the BSAE at Gurob and Sedment (with a few objects from Kahun/Lahun). Spencer and Spencer (2020: 667-8) note that "The school itself did not make donations to the BSAE and the most likely link between the school and the excavations was John Bodman Carrington (1843–1926) who was a governor of Sherborne School from 1907 to 1926 and was one of the school’s most generous benefactors... A ‘J.B. Carrington’ appears in the list of donors (giving £3 1s 0p) to the BSAE in 1920–1922 and the same list includes a donation of £25 from ‘The Goldsmiths Company’ of which Mr Carrington was a member... In 1967 the school converted a classroom into a ‘muniment room’, named the ‘Beckett Room’, to house the school’s archive and its historic library, and most of the contents of the library display cases were moved there. It is in the Beckett Room that the few Egyptian objects still owned by the school are stored, but the fate of the rest of the collection is unknown and there appear to be no surviving records of its dispersal... One Egyptian object was left behind in the Upper Library, on top of a bookshelf, where it was found in 2000 by the librarian, Victoria Clayton. This is a fragment of a Ramesside limestone funerary stela which was sold at auction in London on 30 October 2003. On internal evidence this piece probably came from Sedment, and Claire Malleson (2011), who published the stela, notes that the unpublished list in Petrie’s notebook for the 1921 BSAE season at Sedment includes for Sherborne ‘

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