Sackville, University of Mt. Allison, New Brunswick

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The Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists note that the following was allocated to Mount Allison:
Petrie, 1885-86 (sent 1903)
2 vases
2 lamps
1887-88        sent 1903
2 arrowheads, bronze, 26th Dynasty
2 figures of Gods
1898-99       sent 1903
Beads Y429
Beads W.89
1902-03       sent 1903
2 worked flints             1st to3rd Dynasty
Pottery                         all periods
Grenfell         1895-1901
Beads, large, blue glaze              Roman
Bone hairpin
Bone implement
2 terracotta heads
8 coins
Gaming die
Fish hook
Clay sealing
Ring, bronze
Toy marble
Bezil of ring, glass
Glass pendant
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