Rugby, Rugby School

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According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists Rugby were allocated the following:
Grenfell, The Fayum, 1895-1901 (sent 1901)
Cartonnage head
Cartonnage strip
Horn D67
Handle of stick
Wooden bowl D72
Pottery jar D34
Pottery Harpocrates
Glass bottle
Pottery jar
Toy cart
Mummy label
Pottery jar D18
Blue glaze head
Wooden cover with iron nails
Pottery dish R
Amphora handle inscribed
Painted wood, king offering
Fringed cap
Clay disk
Pottery saucer H. 151 c
Bronze saucer
Blue glaze lid
Bronze chain R71
Ivory pins R 213
Blue glaze beads R 65
2 reed pens
Bronze fish hook
Wooden comb
2 lamps
Wooden peg
Alabaster vase R 75
Glass weight
Leather sandal
12 worked flints
Gourd bottle
Stone weight
Blue glaze head of Bes
Wooden kohl pot
Bronze implement
Coins (“G” Milne)
Naville, 1892-94 (sent 1901)
Deir el Bahari
Beads and amulets, 18th Dynasty
Petrie               1887-88  (sent 1901)
Tell Nebesheh
Beads, 26th Dynasty
(Diospolis Parva - Hu), 1898-99 (sent 1901)
3 alabaster kohl pots
Slate palette
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