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Reading Museum and Archive OR Ure Museum, University of Reading
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Henrietta Lawes, a local resident of Reading, joined Flinders Petrie's excavation at Hu in 1899 and letters in the EES archive indicate that she was directly responsible for ensuring objects from that excavation (and subsequent ones) found their way to Reading Museum.

In 1939 Reading Musuem and Art Gallery exchanged many of its Egyptian objects for indigenous American Indian objects with Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. At least 50 complete pots and 11 sherds in Dartmouth College derive from British excavations. With thanks to Christine Lilyquist for information on this collection.

Following the war Reading Museum disposed of Egyptian objects to Barbados in 1949, Ghana in 1952, and Birmingham in 1952. Other material was sent to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. Reading Museum has, however, retained several Egyptian objects from excavations.


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