Paris, Musée Guimet

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Paris, Musée Guimet
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The Musée Guimet holds one of the largest collections of Asian Art outside of Asia. Émile Étienne Guimet founded the museum in 1879 in Lyon, but the collection of antiquities from the Far East, Greece, Rome and Ancient Egypt were transferred to Paris in 1889. However the museum no longer houses an Egyptian collection; in 1945 the museum sent its collection of Egyptian artefacts to the Musée du Louvre as a result of a reorganization of the national collections, in exchange for the works in the Musée du Louvre’s Asian Art department. 

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The EES distribution records indicated that in 1895 an unspecified number of masks of “Christian” mummies from Deir el-Bahri and 5 "archaic figures" from Naukratis were sent to the Musée Guimet. These were later transferred to the Louvre.

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