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Oldham, Gallery Oldham
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According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists the following were allocated to "Oldham":
Petrie (Abydos II),  1902-03 (sent 1903)
3 glazed baboons, 1st Dynasty
Pottery support, 6th Dynasty
Head of statuette, 12th Dynasty
Coin grinders, 18th Dynasty
Incense of Amenhotep
Found:dep: Aahmes temple
Found:dep: Rameses III , 20th Dynasty
4 ushabtis, 22nd Dynasty
Lid of ushabti pot
Gilded mask, 26th Dynasty
3 Osiris figures
Khufu offerings, 4th Dynasty
Hair shunek
Grenfell, 1902-03 (sent 1903
4 ushabtis, Hibeh, Persian period
Eye-rims, Hibeh, Ptolemaic
Shells for threading, Roman
Glass beads,  Behnesa
Ring with key
Reed pen
Terracotta mask
Beads, Hibeh
Head, blue glaze, Behnesa
Bezil of ring 
Carved lion
Iron spoon
Forger’s moulds
Spindle whorl, Quarara, Byzantine
Bracelet, bronze
Bracelet, ivory
Leather shoe
2 iron bracelets
Die, Behnesa
According to the museum not everything on that list came to the museum and it has been speculated that the wealthy Lees family who were subscribers to the fund were given some of the finer pieces. The museum holds 60 ancient Egyptian objects. 
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