Manchester, Manchester Grammar School

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Manchester, Manchester Grammar School-unknown?
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Notes on distribution: 
According to the Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists "Manchester: Grammar school" was allocated the following:
Petrie, 1903-04 (sent 1904)
2 flint implements
2 vases, Roman
4 model vases
Kohl pot, serpentine
Offering dish, glass
2 spindle whorls
3 combs
3 terracotta figures
2 pieces of stone inlay
Bone hoe (?)
Bronze dish
Bronze statuette
11 lamps
2 terracotta heads
2 vases, Sedment, 18th Dynasty
Loom weight, Gurob
9 net-sinkers
2 fragments of coffins
Cloth, Ehnasya, Coptic
Naville, 1903-04 (sent 1904)
3 vases, 18th Dynasty
Fragment of painted pottery
Hathor head, blue glaze
Rosette, blue glaze
Fragment of ear, blue glaze
Fragment of basket work
Votive plaque, wood
Fragment of patterned pottery          Roman
Cylinder beads, blue glaze, 18th Dynasty
Grenfell, 1903-04  (sent 1904)
Reed pen
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