London, Wellcome Historical Medical Collection

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London, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London; Durham Oriental Museum; Swansea Egypt Centre; London Science Museum; Liverpool Museum and Art Gallery
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Henry Wellcome (1853–1936), the pharmaceutical magnate, aspired to build a comprehensive medical museum for the whole history of mankind. Only a portion of his collection was ever housed in the Welcome Historical Medical Museums (WHMM). Soon after Henry Wellcome’s death in 1936, most of the objects in the WHMM collections were transferred to other institutions. The process was finally completed in 1985. 

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After Wellcome's death the Egyptian objects were allocated initially to the Petrie Museum in London. Space shortages meant that it was not posisble to accomodate all material and a larger proportion were subsequently dispersed from the Petrie Museum to other institutions. 

1931-32 Armant, 1934-35 Armant, 1935-36 Armant, 1936-37 Armant, 1937-38 Armant remains transferred to London, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the Natural History Museum.

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