London, Stepney Museum

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Closed, artefacts sent to London, Horniman Museum and Bedford, The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum
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The Borough of Stepney Nature Study Museum (a branch of the Whitechapel Museum) opened in 1904 through the efforts of Claude Hinscliffe and with the support of an anonymous benefactor. It was housed in a disused mortuary in the churchyard of St George's in the East of London. The aim was to give city children and adults, who might otherwise never have encountered live animals, an experience of the natural world. During World War Two the museum closed and never reopened. The artefacts were distributed to London, Horniman Museum and to Bedford, The Higgins Art Gallery and Museum.

Notes on distribution: 
According to the EES distribution list, Stepney was sent the following from Deir el-Bahri:
2 vases                                        XI
Basket                                         XVIII
2 fragments of painted pottery
Mallet fragment of tile fragment of vase, lotus design fragment of vase, fish design fragment of plaque fragment of inlay fragment of head of cow
Wooden roller
Fragments of basket work
Fruit, stalks Head of Hathor figure of Hathor eye button scaraboid cylinder bead beads, original threading
Lamp                                          Roman
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