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London, Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum
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The Pharmaceutical Journal lists all the donations made to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum and record the following:

The Pharmaceutical Journal; March 5, 1887; p 725: Specimen of Resin from the ruins of Tepanah in Egypt. From the Committee of the Egyptian Exploration Fund.

The Pharmaceutical Journal; August 6, 1887; p 118: Specimen of Seeds and of Wax taken from an Egyptian tomb. Presented by Mr Petrie, of the Egyptian Exploration Expedition

These objects have not yet been located in the current museum database and they may have since been disposed of or transferred to another museum. Up to the early 1900s the museum really only collected material medica samples from around the world, as the museum functioned as a teaching collection for pharmacy students. A lot of their material medica collection was transferred to Kew in the 1980s.


What is recorded in the museum today is the following (with thanks to John Betts, Museum Officer)


Portion of a necklace of Kypi Balls found round the neck of a Egyptian Mummy in the cemetery of Haward Fayum, Egypt..

1st Century B.C.

Presented by Sir W.M. Flinders Petrie.

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