London, Natural History Museum

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London, Natural History Museum
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The Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists document the following as having been allocated to the Natural History Museum:
Petrie (Abydos Royal Tombs I), 1899-1900
Remains of birds offered in tomb of Merneit              Ist dyn
Mummied calf
Cat’s heads
(Abydos II), 1902-03 (sent 1903)
Ox boness, 12th Dynasty
4 Ibis, with feathers, 22nd Dynasty
Copper , gilt feather, 6th Dynasty
Naville, 1903-04 (sent 1904)
Skeleton of crane, 18th Dynasty
Dom palm fruit
2 Halfa glasses
2 seeds
5 fruits
16 shells
Naville, Abydos, 1908-09
Skull of a long-horned ox, found at the bottom of a shaft of a globe of 6th Dynasty
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