Leeds, Philosophical and Literary Society

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Leeds, Leeds Museum and Discovery Centre
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Local individuals were active in supporting the EEF such as Aquilla Dodgson, a Congregational minister and later the librarian of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, and numismatist at the City Museum until his death. He arranged lectures by Amelia Edwards and Flinders Petrie.

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According to museum registers a collection of 80 objects was given to the Philosophical and Literary Society from Randall-MacIver's excavations of 1901 at El Amrah. 
The Egypt Exploration Society's distribution lists, documents that the following were allocated to the Philosophical and LIterary Society:
Philosophical & literary society
Petrie (Abydos Royal Tombs II),1900-01 (sent 1901)
Pottery 18th Dynasty
MacIver, El Amrah, 1900-01 (sent 1901)
6 slate palettes
7 kohl pots (common)
Representative set of pottery

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