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An enqiury made to Hawick Museum in 2012 confirmed that although there are objects from Egypt from the Hawick Archaeological Society in the collection, all are associated with John Garstang's work rather than the EEF:

"We do have a collection of Egyptian pots but the term Egypt Exploration Fund has not so far appeared in any of our reseach into the pots - however the timing of their acquisition fits with what you have told us.  What we know about the acquisition of the pots is as follows.

Their acquisition is recorded in the Transactions of Hawick Archaeological Society of 1907.  The entry is very short  and merely states 'A very gratifying addition has been made to the Museum by the presentation of a large and valuable collection of Egyptian pottery from the directors of the Beni-Hasan Excavation Committee.  These are typical works from the XI. to the XII. dynasty , dating about 2000B.C.'

Some years ago I did some detective work on this collection and found that the pots had been sought by Hawick Archaeologial Society in response to an advertisement in The Times newspaper of February 18th, 1904 which offered Ancient Egyptian pottery to museums.  The pottery was offered by the Beni-Hasan Excavation Committee.  I have a copy of the newspaper (somewhere). 

I had seen nine of these pots in our stores but, as I did further detective work, I found more and more until now we know we have 37 in our collection.

All these pots were marked with a number followed by E '06.  With invaluable help from Marcel Maree at the British Museum we found out that these were pots excavated by John Garstang in the pharaonic cemeteries at Esna in 1906 and not from the Beni-Hasan excavations.  John Garstang had led excavations at Beni-Hasan and continued to disperse his finds through that committee it seems." [with thanks to Richard E. White for the information]

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