Harrow on the Hill, Harrow School

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Harrow on the Hill, Old Speech Room Gallary, Harrow School
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According to the Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists, Harrow were allocated the following:


A selection of minor antiquities from Naukratis, Nebesheh, Gemayemi & Deffeneh


A set of Roman pottery from Deir el Bahari

Grenfell , The Fayum, 1895-1901      sent 1901
Cartonnage head
Cartonnage strip
Coffin panel R92 a
Alabaster jar D57
Small pointed pot D13
Mummy label No. 3
Glass vase
Wooden comb, A1896
Wooden bowl with spout
Wooden stand
Blue glaze head
Blue glaze dish
Bronze papyrus sceptre
Piece of carved wood
Shadoof rope
Wooden door
Dish & uraei
Wooden mallet
Limestone ostracon
Beads R87
Bronze bracelet R66
Wooden spindle
Pottery bowl
2 reed pens
Inscribed wooden handle
Wooden stamp
Carding comb
Wooden kohl pot with lid
Gourd rattle
Shrine with figure
Gourd bottle
12 worked flint
Stone weight
Bone pin D 77
Fine clay vase
Wooden kohl flask
Wooden kohl box with lid
Bronze papyrus sceptre
Pottery jug
Coins (“L” milne)
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