Hannover, Museum August Kestner

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Objects were purchased from Alfred Wiedemann (professor of Egyptology in Bonn 1856-1936) in the 1930s who had recieved them from Flinders Petrie. This includes:

  • Inv. no. 1937.200c (bought from the widow of Wiedemann), a Coptic  Cross, is said to have been excavated by petrie in Lahun.
  • Inv. nos. 1932.271a through e are five fragments of glass vessels of which is stated: Given by Petrie in 1893 from his excavations in Amarna.
  • Inv. nos. 1932.232d, 1932.231, 1932.235, 1932.230, 1932.221 are molds or small fayence objects made from molds also from Amarna

In addition, from the collection of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing is the object illustrated in Petrie's Memphis I, p. 7, Pl. VIII, Fig. 2 = and now inv. no. 1935.200.204 

With thanks to Christian E. Loeben for the information.

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