The Hague, Museum Scheurleer

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Amsterdam, Allard Pierson Museum; National Museum of Antiquities; Hannover, Museum Kestner; Leiden, unknown
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This private Museum was established in the 1920s by Banker Mr. C.W. Lunsingh Scheurleer who gave money to Flinders Petrie's British School of Archaeology in Egypt and the Egypt Exploration Society in order to acquire Egyptian objects. He was also able to purchase material from the Von Bissing collection (some of which was also from EES/BSAE excavations) Unfortunately, in 1932 the bank Scheurleer went bankrupt. In order to keep the collection in The Netherlands the Allard Pierson Foundation was established. The City of Amsterdam placed a school in the Sarphatistreer at the disposal of the Foundation and in 1943 the Allard Pierson Archaeological Museum of Amsterdam University was inaugurated

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The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam holds a collection of objects originally sent to the Museum Scheurleer in The Hague, which was closed down  in 1934. The Allard Pierson also holds objects from the former Archaeological Institute of the University of Utrecht (where the Egyptologist Von Bissing was professor until 1926); and objects that originally went to the Municipal Museum in The Hague, and were later transferred to the APM. For more information see project article here by Willem von Haarlem.

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