Glasgow, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

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Glasgow, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow
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In 1932 Rev J Garrow Duncan, who excavated with Flinders Petrie at Naqada and Tell el-Yahudieyeh, sent to the University of Glasgow four cases with around 60 complete pots and bowls (according to a letter dated 4 Dec 1932 sent to Professor W B Stevenson). Although no provenance is given, it is very likely that the Hyksos pottery and the Predynastic 'Nagada ware' pottery he refers to in this letter are from Naqada and Tell el-Yahudieyeh as is the case for the artefacts in Dundee's McManus Museum also presented by Duncan.

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Deir el-Bahri: In a letter dated 22 March 1926 in the University of Glasgow Special Collections to Mr W B Stevenson from Mary C Jonas (Egypt Exploration Society secretary) she notes that of a recent consignment of antiquities that "the wooden models of tools, hoes, rockers etc. came from Deir el-Bahri, the 18th Dynasty temple, as foundation deposits... the small round stones, ? gaming pieces, are probably form earlier digs, but I have no certain information".
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