Geneva, Musée archéologique

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Geneva, Musée d'art et d'historire
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The Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists note that the following were allocated to the "Geneva:- Musée archéologique":
Naville, 1905-06 (sent 1906)
Deir el Bahari
Man with axe, 11th Dynasty
Piece of boat scene
Cow’s head
Best portrait of King
Mentuhetep, limestone
Men gathering papyrus stalks
Black captive, arms bound
2 heads in bas? Relief
Deir el Bahari
Upper part of painted figure nearly in round, cat. C7, 11th Dynasty
2 large Osiride boats & men, Do Cat E
Princesses Kernseit & Kauit?? Cat M3, 11th Dynasty
Cartouche Neb-hapet-ra Cat N      
Specimens of blue glaze, 18th Dynasty
Sent July 1911
31 pieces of the shrines of princesses among
         which are two inscribed fragments of cornice
6 pieces of Mentuhetep shrine from temple
             of Mentuhetep at Deir el Bahari   XI"

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