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ONFife Museums & Galleries
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Potter (2020: 54) notes that there are less than 50 Egyptian objects in the collection" "The collections of ONFife Museums & Galleries, Fife Cultural Trust are a combination of what were previously three museum collections. The group now cares for collections across twelve museums and heritage venues in Fife. A small number of Egyptian objects are associated with the Duncan Institute, Cupar, set up in 1867 by a bequest from Elizabeth Duncan (died c.1867), with the aim of increasing access to education for the working class. This became the North East Fife Museums Service in the later part of the 20th century. The collection includes a number of small objects, the largest group represented being Ptolemaic coins. It also includes a New Kingdom shabti, said to be from the excavations of W M Flinders Petrie (1853–1942) at Gurob. A faience amulet of a djed-pillar is said to have been collected in Thebes and possesses a label stating that this occurred on ‘23rd Jan. 1876’."

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The collection contains a shabti said to be from Petrie's excavations at Gurob (Potter 2020: 55-56).
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