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Either Sir John Evans (1823-1908) or his son Sir Arthur Evans (1851-1941).
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Evans, though a common last name most likely refers to either the father or son who were active investigators and archaeologists of the ancient world. Sir John Evans, a noted geologist and archaeologist who was an avid collector and was president of the EEF from 1898-1906. His son, Sir Arthur Evans, was at the time of this distribution, Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum and excavating at Knossos. It could be that "Evans" was merely a shorthand for the Ashmolean Museum, or that the objects were meant for his personal collection or for comparative or study purposes.

Arthur Evans and Petrie were both interested in comparative chronology between the Egyptian and Minoan culture and were trying through archaeological evidence to build a coherent time-line, so specimens from Egyptian excavations mave have been to aid this aim. 

It is likely any material collected by either John or Arthur was eventually donated to the Ashmolean Museum.   

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