Detroit, MI, Museum of Art

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Detroit, MI, Detroit Institute of Arts
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The museum was founded in 1885 and is mostly a fine art museum but also contains objects and artworks from around the world. The genesis of the museum was the result of a Grand Tour by James E. Scripps, a local newspaper tycoon, whose newspaper articles and book inspired the local elite to raise money for a local museum. The collection focuses on fine art and objects from world culture. 

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According to the Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists Detroit Museum of Art was allocated the following objects:
Petrie (Royal Tombs I),1899-1900 (sent 1900)
2 strings beads, carnelian & green glaze X84. prehist:
2 strings beads carnelian              12th Dynasty
String beads blue, & mirror
29 ushabtis
(Abydos I),  1901-02  (sent 1902)
3 pots                                  prehist:
7 small pots                         0-I
Selection of flints                0-II
Fragment of slate palette1st Dynasty
Spindle whorl   LII
3 pots 11th Dynasty
4 dishes
Granite fragment, cartouche of Usertsen II,  12th Dynasty
Cup, 19th Dynasty
Limestone weight?
Fragment of alabaster weight?
Copper work, 26th Dynasty
Ushabtis, Zedher & Peduasar, 30th Dynasty
Pair of feathers
Vase,   Ptolemaic
Grenfell            1901-02            sent 1902
The Fayum
Mummy woman, crocodile
Ivory & other beads
Bronze bangles
An additional gift of five items came via Mrs. William S. Conant, daughter of the "Honorary Secretary for Virginia" of the Egypt Exploration Fund, and were accessioned in 1921.

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