Denver, CO, Museum of Nature and Science

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The museum was founded in 1900 by Edwin Carter in his log cabin home whose interests were in native flora and fauna. The collection contains objects from natural history, paleontology, geology, world culture, and archaeology. The museum has also been known by the names: Colorado Museum of Natural History and the Denver Museum of Natural History.

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The museum originally received material from the 1922 Amarna season, but these were later sent to what is now called 'History Colorado' either in 1929 or 1957. 

Received 66 objects from the Brooklyn Museum in the 1950s that had originally come from the excavations sponsored by the Egypt Exploration Fund. In the 1970s, it received artefacts that had originally been distributed to Colorado college, including material from Tell Defenneh, Hu, the Fayum and Deir el-Bahari.

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