Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Museum Association

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Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Art Museum
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The Cincinnati Museums Association was founded in the late 19th Century, thanks to a donation of $150,000 by Charles W. West of Cincinnati in 1880. It subsequently founded the Cincinnati Art Museum in 1886.

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According to the Egypt Exploration Society archives, the Museums Association in Ohio was allocated the following:
Peet. Abydos          1912-13
2 Ibises, egg & pear jar
D109 grinder, bronze mirror
S544          1st dyn: objects
S548           ivory bowl, pins,
S602           piece of
S608           gold, etc.
D229 (2 alabasters, 2 brown
       pottery figures, bronze
       figure of a god, etc.)
R108. Chain of magnificent blue beads-
D. G. H. Guest
Tomb B. 13.
Set of model vases specifically made for use in tomb deposits; pottery mace head; 3 unguent vases; 2 saucers
Tomb S. 49
XXII dyn: tomb group, scarab in bronze setting amulets in silver and faience of Bast; 4 silver links
Roman lamps
Beads; weights; slate palettes; ushabtis
Set of pottery; modern comb
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