Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Museum

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Cincinnati, OH, Cincinnati Art Museum
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Thanks to funding from the Cincinnati Museums Association, the Cincinnati Art Museum was opened in 1886. Community donations continued once the museum was open, enabling its collection to grow to tens of thousands of objects. Today the collection spans six thousand years, containing over 60,000 works of art from ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece to Near and Far Eastern, African and American art. 

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In response to enquiry made in 2012 Lisa DeLong, the Assistant Registrar, advised that Cincinati "received a significant number of artifacts from the Egypt Exploration Society during the period 1912-1927. In addition to Abydos (1912-1914), other sites and the year we received them are as follows: Taieba (1912), Naukratis (1912), Antinoe (1914), Balabish (1915), and Tell El Amarna (1921-1927). Collectively, there are approximately 750 objects from the Egypt Exploration Society in our present day collection." Of these 297 come from Amarna.

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