Chicago, IL, Western Theological Seminary

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Chicago, IL, United Library, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary
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The Western Theological Seminary is an Episcopalian institution founded in 1833. It merged with the Seabury Divinity School from Faribault MN in 1933. In 2012 the seminary left its current site. 

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According to the Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists the "Western Theological Seminary, Chicago" were allocated the following (note that the letters followed by numbers, e.g. H.23 refer to grave numbers):

Naville      1908-09
El Mahasna
Slate palette (fish)
Glazed faience & carnelian beads
3 pottery vases
Painted pottery bowl
2 bowls H23. H81. H88
Black topped vase
Slate palette
(VI) copper top of stick
Beads, carnelian scarab & ring of Hoamheh?? 18th Dynasty
Glass beads & pendants 18th Dynasty
Ear filing
Copper ear implement XF3 19th Dynasty
Lead vase 6th-18th dynasties?
Frag 5
Predyn vases
H114 2X. odd.
22 small vases 6th - 18th Dynasties

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