Cheltenham, Cheltenham Museum

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Cheltenham, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum
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The Egypt Exploration Society distribution lists document that "Cheltenham Museum" was allocated the following:
Abydos, (sent Nov: 1907)
Slate palette (fish),   1st Dynasty
2 predynastic pots
2 ushabtis, Dynasties 26-30
Deir el Bahari
Foundation deposits
Hoe, 18th Dynasty
Cradle, 18th Dynasty
Blue glaze, 18th Dynasty
2 rowers with oars, 11th Dynasty
Mallet, 19th Dynasty
Behnesa (Oxyrhynchus)
Tear bottle , 2nd or 3rd  cent A.D
Small pottery
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In response to an enquiry after the EEF collections in 2012 it was advised that:


There is correspondence from 1907 notifying Chelt Museum of the objects then being donated to this museum by the EEF.

It lists details of 14 objects (a mummy cloth, tear bottle, basket, a pottery basket, slate palette, 2 pots, 2 ushabti, a hoe, blue glaze piece, mallet and 2 model rowers).  Reconciling this with the accession cards for 1907.21 (objects donatedby the EEF) presents a problem: the cards show 13 items from the above list and an additional 4 (uguentarium, piece of brick, piece of burnt clay, pair of model feet)."  [with thanks to Terry Moore-Scott and Ann Rachael Harwood for the information]

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