Cedar Rapids, IA, Masonic Library

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Cedar Rapids, IA, Masonic Library
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The Quarterly Bulletin for the Iowa Masonic Library for October 1912 notes that the library of the Masonic lodge was able to secure 66 objects through the influence of Mrs Marie N. Buckman, secretary of the Egypt Exploration Fund of the United States, whose husband was a member of the fraterntity and a Knight Templar and a Scottish Rite Mason. This set of objecs included Predynastic Black-Topped Pottery Vessels, Middle Kingdom Libation bowls and shabtis.

The following year the Lodge receieved a second consignment of objects from Abydos, in part due to the strengthening of links between the EEF and the Lodge through the Grand Secretary who became the Honarary Secretary of the EEF in Iowa. Amongst the donation of things were 2 ibis mummies, a winged-scarab, a New Kingdom bronze mirror, New Kingdom pottery, 2 bronze Osiris figures, and a set of beads and shells.

The collection is still cared for by the Masonic Lodge.

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