Cambridge, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, University of Cambridge

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Cambridge, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge
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The museum was founded in 1884 as the Museum for General and Local Archaeology, originally housing the collection of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and 1500 Fijian objects from the former govenor of Fiji Sir Arthur Hamilton. The collection grew based as a result of fieldwork and personal collections.

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According to the EES distribution lists the Cambridge 'Ethnological Museum' were allocated:
MacIver, El-Amrah, 1900-01 (sent 1901)
3 clay boats
Clay cow
Ivory bracelet
4 painted clay cones
Flint lance
Ivory harpoon
Model mace head of clay
Wooden model of Adze
Copper chisel
Flint knife
Large rippled flint knife
2 flint implements
Seeds & small bones
Playing marbles
Pieces of clay dolls
Clay discs
Stone pestle
Slate & ivory ornaments
5 stone vases
Ivory bracelet
4 alabaster kohl pots, 12th Dynasty
Copper mirror                           
Copper axe
2 prs horns (ivory, limestone)
6 slates
Ivory hair comb
Fragments of ivory
Slate bracelet
Copper anklet
3 limestone pendants
Fragments of flints
5 stone vases
43 pieces of pottery
Fragments of basket
3 sets of beads
Petrie (Abydos II), 1902-03 (sent 1903)
Flint implements
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