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Southport, The Atkinson
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The Bootle Museum and Library closed in 1974. 

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It is likely that when the Bootle museum closed in 1974, all of the Egyptian collection was put into storage in Southport. The 1000 or so artefacts that were bequethed to the Bootle Museum by Mrs. Anne Goodson were certainly put into storage, so it stands to reason the rest of the collection was also included. A new Egyptian display was launched in 2014. 

According to the EES distribution lists Bootle was allocated the following from Abydos (note that the letters and numbers refer to specific tombs, e.g. C.4 is grave 4 in cemetery C):

Petrie, 1899-1900 (sent 1900)
Series of pottery vases (prehistoric)
Set of slate palettes
Serpentine kohl pot, C.4 12th Dynasty
Alabaster,  D.20 +D.40
Alabaster black serpentine lids
String of beads,  C.67
Bronze mirror, 18th Dynasty
Beads, amulets, D.16
4 scarabs
Glazed plaque
Stone Ptah
Silver bracelets, beads, D.19.a., 18th Dynasty
Piece of stone inscription 
2 masks & 1 hand from wooden coffins
3 broken head-nests
3 ushabtis, D.48
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