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The Chadwick Museum, was the result of a benefaction by a local doctor, Samuel Taylor Chadwick to the city in 1876 fro a musuem of Natural History. By the 1930's the museum was overcrowded, and a new building was comissioned. When it was finally opened in 1947, the Natural History and fine art collection moved to their new home, while the Egyptology, industrial and local history exhibts stayed in the Chadwick Museum. The Egyptian collection was moved to the new museum in 1956 and the building the had been the Chadwick was demolished.

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The fundraising effort for the EEF in the northwest of England was led by Annie Balow, the daughter of a wealthy mill owner, who was a native of Bolton. Her involvment was a contribution factor to the vastness of the Bolton collection. As was true with many of the regional museums, Bolton was renowned for the textile industry and as a result, Egyptian textiles were sent and form a major part of the collection. 

A few items were transferred to Lincoln City Art Gallery and Museum in 1925, first as part of a loan, but subsequently have been catalogued in the collection there.

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