Birmingham, Birmingham Archaeological Society

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Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society
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The Society was founded in 1870 and since the outset, the Society has been affiliated to the Birmingham and Midland Institute. It later became the Birmingham Archaeological Society but in 1970 it became known as the Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society.


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In the Birmingham Archaeological Society Transactions, Excursions, and Report, For the Year 1900 it was noted that new rooms for the arrangement of a library and museum had been opened in which local antiquities could be deposited (p. 93). The following year the Transactions record that this library was for "local and other antiquities. Among the gifts to the latter, a most interesting collection of pre-historic Egyptian antiquities, presented by the Egypt Exploration Fund, calls for special comment" (p. 67).

According to the EES distribution lists, the Archaeological Society received the following (note that the letters and numbers e.g. Y415 refer to specific tombs like grave 415 in cemetery Y):

Petrie (Diospolis Parva), 1898-99 (sent 1901) 
Red clay beads
Beads Y s 3 sets.   W 3 sets
Beads Y 415, G. 6.  G. 7. X 29
Beads  X. R141. O4. W. 65. H.16
Carved stone H.G
Ivory comb H 5
Piece of ivory W.175
Blue marble kohl pot
5 alabaster kohl pots
Clay figures, prehistoric
Slate palette 13 241
13 worked flints
Scarabs (XII-XIV Dynasties)
Clay dish & bone
Ivory pin Q5
Pottery jar  B100: prehistoric:
Bone pins (12th Dynasty)
Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery purchased all the Society's artefacts in 1957 (mainly prehistoric Europe) but there are
no "prehistoric Egyptian antiquities" among the collection
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