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Belfast, Ulster Museum or Belfast, University of Belfast.
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According to the EES distribution lists, "Belfast Museum' recieved:

Petrie (Abydos Royal Tombs 1),1899-1900 (sent 1900)
Tomb D 17 c
          D 37
Trials head in limestone
27 ushabtis
(Abydos 1), 1901-02 (sent 1902)
Spindle whorl                                                      dyn: 0
Part of slate palette
7 pots                                                                Earliest dynasties
6 dishes                                                              XI dyn
Fragments of limestone statuettes
Objects from found: dep: Thutmoses III
Part of coloured ornamentation
Limestone capital of column
Piece mural decoration from Orisis temple       XVIII
Limestone object of unknown use
Beads                                                                  XXX
Small ushabtis
Funeral figure from tomb
Ptolemaic ushabtis
Lead weight                                                         Roman
Naville, 1905-06 (sent 1906)
Head of XI dyn
Seated figure of Patenen (see Cat: p20 p6)          XVIII dyn
Fragment stela King offering to Hathor               
Blue glaze
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