Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire County Museum

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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire County Museum
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The Bucks Archaeological Society founded the collection in the mid-19th century and the diverse collection of more than 100,000 items cover archaeological, geological, natural history topics with a spacial collection of costume, lace, and British pottery. The ancient Egyptian collection consists of approximately 300 objects.

Notes on distribution: 
According the EES distribution lists Aylesbury County Museum received:
Petrie                           1903-04                     sent 1904
8 vases              Sedment                              XVIII
3 vases              Ehnasya                               Roman
9 vases House D.
2 amphorae
2 fragments of glass                           
Bronze ring
2 bronze handles
Cup of bronze dipper
17 lamps
10 terracotta heads
4 terracotta heads
4 terracotta pieces of figures
Naville                          1903-04                    sent 1904
Deir el Bahri
Vase                                                XI
3 vases                                             XVIII
2 pieces painted pottery
2 scaraboids blue glaze
Fragment of Halthor figure
Fragment of lamp                           Roman
Grenfell                      1903-04                      sent 1904
Glass cup                                                 Roman
Weight, bronze
Ring-key, iron
2 bronze rings
2 Wooden combs            
3 Reed pens
8 Dice
7 hairpins, bone
2 objects, bone, unknown use
Child’s sock
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