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Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira
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From Emmitt and Furey (2018): "The Auckland War Memorial Museum houses nearly 2000 Egyptian artefacts dating from the Palaeolithic to the modern era. Artefacts were obtained from professional institutions and societies including Cairo Museum, the Egypt Exploration Society, and the British Museum in the early 20th century. In addition, a number of objects were obtained from ‘soldier collectors’ during World Wars I and II. The collection is made up of objects from around Egypt, but mainly consists of collections from Amarna, Saqqara, Kharga, Abydos, and Matmar, amongst others." 

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Emmitt and Furey's (2018) research noted that "For several years Auckland Museum purchased from EES a subscription to the Journal of Egyptian  Archaeology, and in 1924 the society was approached for an artefact subscription service. Beginning in 1926, a £10 subscription was paid on an annual basis." (p.4)

"Amongst the material obtained from the EES from Amarna were large blue-painted vessels (Fig. 5). One of the vessels (2013.x.40) is marked 24/223 which implies it is from the 1923-24 season at Amarna and was distributed to the museum in 1926 (C. Hamilton, Monash University, pers. comm. 14 January 2014). The vessels are among those repaired by W.H. Young of the Ashmolean Museum (letter, anon. 1925 – 26). According to the EES distribution lists, Auckland should have only received one of the blue-painted vessels from the 1926 – 1927 field season ( Egypt Exploration Society: DIST.REG.03). It seems that an error on the part of the EES meant that a vessel meant for the Dominion Museum in Wellington was sent to Auckland, as well an additional one. These vessels sat uncatalogued in the museum collections until 2013." (p.6)

"The material sent by Caton-Thompson consists of 92 Palaeolithic stone artefacts from Kharga Oasis, and originate from KO20 and related locales."

92 objects from Matmar were provided by Guy Brunton.

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