Aberdeen, Anthropological Museum, University of Aberdeen

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Aberdeen, Marischal Museum, University of Aberdeen
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The Marischal Museum specialised in anthropology and material culture from around the globe, including a substantial Egyptian collection. 

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The Scottish Ancient Egyptian Collections Review (Potter 2020: 22) recorded that "The University and its donors also supported excavations conducted by the EES, ERA, BSAE, Oxford University Excavations in Nubia, Deutsche Orient Gesellschaft and the University of Liverpool. Alongside the distributed objects, some objects were also gifted to the collection directly by archaeologists. Examples include a fragment of a shell pendant with the cartouche of Senusret, excavated by W M Flinders Petrie (1853–1942) (ABDUA:21121) and the painted wooden box coffin of a man called Nakht, excavated at Beni Hasan by John Garstang (1876–1956)." The BSAE donated some 383 objects, the EES 242 and David Randall-MacIver donated some 29 Predynastic objects from EES excavation at el-Amra. 

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